History Talks and Lectures


Martin can provide talks and lectures on various subjects of Family, Local and Military History in general. Talks currently available:


War Memorials in the United Kingdom


War memorials are a poignant reminder of the devasting effects of war. Memorials have been around for a few hundred years but with the Boer War they became a local focal point. The First World War saw the greatest toll of life in one conflict and the war memorials throughout the UK reflect the combined grief of the nation. We have been researching memorials and the men commemorated on them for many years now and have a prepared lecture of 1-2 hours. See our web site: www.roll-of-honour.com


Boer War and Family History


Many people are now researching their family history and find holes at the start of the 20th century. In many cases this is due to the loss of family members during the South African War 1899-1900. We have a prepared lecture that covers the lead up to the war, an overview of the events of the war and how to research men who died in the conflict; 1-2 hours. See our web site: www.boer-war.com


The Military Burials of Malaysia and Singapore


Many lost relatives in the Far East when the Japanese invaded Malaya and Singapore in World War 2 and throughout the region are military burials often in large cemeteries. Following the Second World War followed the Emergency an intrenal struggle that could have ended like Vietnam but was contained and led to Malaysia Independence. During this conflict many British, Australian, New Zealand, African and Ghurka soldiers died. These are buried in various areas of Malaysia and Singapore. We have compiled a database of these men and photographed many graves throughout the region.


The Malayan Emergency 1949-1963


Following the Second World War many countries began their fight for independence from Britain, Malaya was one of these. Within this arena inevitably comes a conflict for power, and this confrontation was no different. The story of the Emergency and the Commonwealth soldiers and civilians is related in this talk.


Lord's Cricket Members who Died in World War 1


This talk relates the details of individual Members of Lord's Cricket Club who lost their lives ib World War 1. Related are the individual stories of many of the members.


Tailored Family History lectures and web sites


He can also tailor talks on family history or local history in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and old Huntingdonshire.

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